Fantastic condition 1968 Rickenbacker 4005 in stunning, unfaded Fireglo finish. This bad boy plays and sounds fantastic.  The neck is straight with a very slight relief and truss rods do not appear to be overtightened.  There is still plenty of life left on the original frets.  The electronics are all original, with 2 pots dating to 40th week of 66 and the other 3 dating to 26th week of 67.  All solder appears to be original.  The finish is very clean except for a couple small dings (pictured) with the biggest one being on the heel.  The biggest issue is that there was a small separation of the fingerboard and was re-glued at some point in the past (also pictured). Other than that, this is one of the cleanest 60's Rickenbacker basses that you will ever find.  Does not have the original case, but comes with super padded, heavy duty gig bag.

1968 Rickenbacker 4005 Fireglo