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Vintage Guitars

This thing is so killer!  As you may or may not know, blonde was a custom color for these.  You typically see black, mocha, natural, and sunburst.  You don't see see-through blondes very often.  This plays and sounds like a dream.  The original frets are quite small but in good shape otherwise.  If you like big ol frets, you may want to think about a re-fret, although these typically had small frets to begin with.  You can get all your KEEF tones with these amazing sounding original pickups.  The Seth Lover designed wide-range neck humbucker sounds amazing on this one.  It appears that 1 volume pot was changed as it is dated early 73 and is a 250k.  I believe they should all be 1meg.  All other pots date to very late 73/early 74.  

The original blonde color looks amazing with the perfect amount of wear and vibe.  There are some burn marks (you can't see from the front) on the cutaway from what looks like a curly cable which was probably left in the case with the guitar.  Needless to say, this does not hurt the playability of the guitar.  Very lightweight coming in at 7lbs 4ozs.  Comes with original ashtray and original case.  

1974 Fender Telecaster Custom