In used but nearly mint condition, The All Class A Tube BLUES STAR Series represents more than a Connoisseur’s approach to the classsic tones, famous attack and sustain characteristics, colorful harmonics, and signature dynamics identified with the 1950’s - 1960’s. Straddle the pond and plug into the original and wildly popular tones of both ol’ Britain and the USA. The buttery thick and so smooth BLUES STAR gives a thematic knod to the MARSHALL(R) gold-plexi JTM45 and a knod to the 1958 tweed FENDER (R) Bassman 5F6A with smartly revamped circuitry and custom upgrades that improve durability. Relive the exciting sounds of the past right now with modern construction and improved control. Be fair warned that your demo exclamations will range from “hip” to “groovy” to today’s: “this thing is stupid crazy on” . . . BLUES STAR Marshalls up all of the hot-rodding and custom shop tweaks you have ever dreamed of to deliver one seriously bluesy amp. And the key is: the new BLUES STAR design allows you to finally discover the full tone potential inherent in these famously classic circuitries. So, skip the pawn shop and EBAY(R) forays which usually offer up only heavily worn examples, and treat yourself to a new hand-wired point-to-point BLUES STAR. You already know how it should sound. Be assured “this STAR handily surpasses your bluesiest expectations”.

Mark Sampson Star Blues-Star 30

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