This is Teye’s very first model. Several experimental builds led the way to the La India: the partial aluminum front plate was born to use the added shine of the plate, but smaller for a more controlled amount, plus to create space for an anchoring rim or frame, much like on a drum, where the frame
creates a possibility for the skin to resonate. The brass tailpiece with aluminum cover was born when Teye built a full solid aluminum tailpiece and while making the string holes, broke 3 drill bits, so that his brass piece was forced out of the planning stage onto the guitar, of course, covered with a beautifully engraved aluminum cover. Teye looked at his own situation: an immigrant into the United States, location traditionally Native-American-Indian, so in keeping with the theme of Turquoise and Silver. Teye’s own cultural guitar-culture being totally centered with the flamenco Gypsies of southern-Spain, AND with the magic woven by the late Jimi Hendrix: so a name must be: Electric Gypsy & ‘La India’


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Teye La India NOS

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