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Combining the Tone and Gain Stages of the MKI and MKII into one Footswitchable and Flexible Package. We've put the Super Fifty-Nine MK I and MK II models into one versatile tone machine. This 45 watt, EL-34 driven 80th anniversary model combines the low to medium gain tones of the MKII with the extra gain stage of the MK I. Access it all via front switch or footswitch. Comes with a tube buffered effects loop, and the same palette of tone controls as the other models. We've created a clear signal path of pure tonal bliss. ​The M80 combines the gain flavors of the MKI & MKII in one convenient package. No vibrato is included on this model and the result is raw, open, and in your face. Choose between high and low gain modes for ultimate flexibility in your playing style. —


  • Two EL34s, 45 watts Push-Pull, Class AB

  • Footswitchable gain stages of the MKI and MKII in a flexible package

  • British voiced master volume design with treble, middle, bass, and presence

  • Tube buffered effects loop send and return



TUBE COMPLEMENT: (4) 12AX7, (2) EL34

POWER OUTPUT: 45 watts Push-Pull, Class AB

GAIN: Low-High; footswitchable low to high gain, 1 button footswitch included

IMPEDANCE SELECTOR: Head- 4, 8, and 16 Ω 


HEAD DIMENSIONS: 26" x 8.5" x 10.5"

HEAD WEIGHT: 35 lbs.

Magnatone Super Fifty-Nine M-80 Amp Head

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