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Your humble servants.

Dave Hinson

Mel Bay was his first teacher. He started playing for pay in the 60's and has been dealing guitars since 1970. Killer Vintage has been in business since 1994. He is one of the editors of the Vintage Guitar Price Guide, as well as contributing editor and adviser of the Blue Book of Guitars. He is on the advisory board of the Modern Guitar Museum (Los Angeles), one of The Antiques Roadshow appraisers, and is an Expert/Appraiser for Heritage Auctions Dallas, TX. He is heard frequently on Overnight America as the Guitar Guy (CBS radio syndicated), and as the Guitar Guy on St Louis 97.1 FM KFTK (Dave Glover Show). The Dallas store was a plan of Dave and Kurt Linhof,  concieved around 2012. He and Kurt planned on opening in 2014 but Kurt had a Kidney transplant that he did not survive September 11, 2014. Kurt Linhof was legendary in the Vintage Guitar Business and his store in Houston circa 1970 was Specialty Guitars! Kurt had a vast knowledge of instruments and amplifiers. He was the guy that found and sold the infamous Dark Burst to Duane Allman in 1971 and discovered of the Gibson Futura Prototype in San Antonio. The Specialty Guitars was added to the name of the KV Dallas location as an homage to Kurt !

Our reputation is perfect worldwide and the T-shirts are legendary, although politically incorrect!

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