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Vintage Guitars, Killer Vintage, Specialty guitars

Repair & Service

From guitars to amplifiers and more, our professional technicians have your precious gear covered.

Derek Phelps (Rolling Stones, Valley Arts Guitars, Gibson

 Tom Anderson)


Sam Swank (Olivia Newton John)

will treat your gear like the rockstar you are, and aren't happy until you're happy!

Call the shop or come in-person to get your gear professionally dialed in for your next big gig.

Vintage guitars, killer vintage, specialty guitars


We specialize in certified valuation of vintage gear, whether you are looking to sell or buy.

Dave Hinson's reputation as an appraiser is second to none. For decades, Hinson has lent his knowledge to radio and television programs. He is an expert appraiser for Heritage Auctions of Dallas, editor and adviser to the Vintage Guitar Price Guide and the Blue Book of Guitars as well as Appraiser Antiques Roadshow PBS.

Appraisal's are $75.00 per instrument  for our valued time and expertise.

Appraisal service times are Mon-Thurs. 12-4pm Please call ahead to let us know you're coming!

*This fee is waived IF we are allowed to consign or buy the instrument. We believe everyone has the right to know what they have and the truth of what it is worth, and we also don't have the time to remember lies.

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